1000 dollar laptop or ps3 and 700 dollar laptop?

if i were to use either of the above connected to an hdtv, would the laptop offer the same gaming performance as the ps3? or am I better off buying a ps3 and a 700 dollar laptop?
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  1. It depends on the games you play, some are designed for a console others are better on a PC. Then again there are not many laptops at $1000 and under that will play modern games with high details.
  2. thanks for the response rolli.
    mostly after driving games, I want to get a decent wheel and build a racing cockpit. I also need a laptop for other things. I would just use my xbox but they don't have a decent wheel.
    I'm looking at titles like need for speed shift and hot pursuit, and dirt 2. The "live chat" people at toshiba say that they will work fine, but I trust you guys more

    forgot to mention I was looking at the toshiba qosmios (the low end one) or a dell xps with dedicated graphics
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