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Hi guys,

Everytime I play Call of duty: Black ops or any high resolution video games, a warning sound constantly beeps.. I checked my CPU temp it is somewhere between 55C is this normal? should i set my temp threshold to a higher limit? if yes, what temp should i set as limit?

intel i5 760 2.8, nvidiagtx460SC 1gb ddr5, 4gb memory, 700watts pSU, 500gb HDD
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    55C is fine for a CPU under heavy load ... I am in no position to say whether CoD will do that. I suggest you download OCCT and run the 60 minute tests. Report back with results for CPU and GPU temps. Also note voltages and if any of them vary by more than 2-3% during test ... ATX standard is 5%, I look for 1-2%
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