Need help upgrading

I want to upgrade my computer with a sandy bridge setup.

im currently running an amd phenom ii x4 so i will need the CPU, mb, ram, and heat sink (i will be over clocking)

i dont need a hard drive, case, gpu, monitor, keyboard, or mouse

i consider myself an enthusiast so i would like a i7 2600k

im looking for the lowest price possible but still able to overclock to 4.7 - 5.0 and upgrade down the line to sli or crossfire (i only have one gpu currently)
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    pretty much sets the standard on pricing these days; if not the lowest in the country, they are usually within 1-2% of the lowest most days.
  2. What GPU do you have ? Assuming a 460 or less ... the 650 watt PSU handles two 460's

    PSU - $70 - Antec TP-650
    MoBo - $495 - ASUS P8P67 Pro
    CPU - incl above - Intel Core i5-2600K
    RAM - $80 - Two (2 x 2GB) Corsair CAS 9
    DVD Writer - $22 - Asus 24X DRW-24B3L w/ LS
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