Can't connect to wireless network!

So here is my story:

I recently (3 days ago) moved from one company to another for the internet services for financing reasons. I am saying that to show that everything worked ok before! So my main PC works well with the cable plugged in but my laptop (toshiba) cannot!

I can see the networks and sometimes it even connects but without connectivity (or limited/ local). I CAN connect my Iphone and Ipod wireless in that network so i know there is no general problem with it. I can connect my laptop to other networks so i know there is no problem with the laptop. Finally i should say that when i leave the network unsecured (without a password needed), the laptop works perfectly!

So what is the problem? Any ideas?

- I am as close to the router as possible
- Nothing interferes
- I have connection to the internet in general
- other machines can connect to the wifi
- laptop can connect to other wifis

I think it might have to do with the passwords. I only knew about WEP until now but this new company has also, WPA-PSK Encryption. Any ideas? please!!!
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  1. Have you tried to delete the wireless network profile on your laptop and then reconnect?
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