Can someone help me pick the best low-end budget card compatible with this syste

Hello, all, this is my system:
2.9 dual core AMD
400W generic power supply(came as a part of the case)
24inch samsung monitor (1920x1080)

I think thats enough info...So I'm trying to play some games like starcraft2 and/or WOW and not lag too hard, but I realize that my build isnt the greatest to begin with. So I'm trying to figure out what the best deal in video cards would be for my build (ie a 250 dollar card wouldnt be the best idea in terms of maximization).

So here are my thoughts so far, tell me if I'm right: I dont think the PSU is super reliable, Nvida vs AMD radeon, price range 30-70 dollars.
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  1. Get an GTX 460 1GB ver for 200$ and an PSU for 50$ and you will be bullet proof ;)
    and if you got extra cash upgrade ur Cpu as well
  2. Thanks for the input, but sorry but I think thats a bit overkill, I'm not trying to spend that much money into a GPU when my system barely costed 400 to build. I don't believe that these games are too intensive, and I don't mind playing on medium settings, as long as it doesn't lag.

    What other options do I have if I want to keep my current power source? I assume I need to be looking at low profile cards that won't need too much wattage? Or is that assumption wrong with a 400W supply.

    Also, I have 4gb of ddr2 ram if thats important at all
  3. for wow or sc2 not much is needed really a 5670 5750 or gts450 should do fine in those at medium/high resolution even at 1920 x 1080 .. nto in all games but in those you'll get smooth fps might even pull wow in ultra with a 5770 or the 450

    as for the psu i'd never trust a psu that came with a case... to much risk to lose the whole system when with one of theese cards and your curernt system a good 350-400 watt psu should be all you need. and that should only run about 50 bucks would be perfect at 50 bucks and only 35 after rebate (plus 2 bucks to ship)
  4. Generic power supplies are terrible no matter the wattage unless for power powered devices, You got a still decent board regardless of the rich university pricks here would say. If you can afford it replace the psu with a quality unit to spare your self the head aches in the future for if the is any problems or just having the need to upgrade.

    On the low end a 5670/GT240 would be a ok start and at the most with that junky psu a 5770 or a GTS450 both are considered pushing it.
  5. Thanks guys I really appreciate it.
  6. wrdizbaun said:
    I assume I need to be looking at low profile cards that won't need too much wattage? Or is that assumption wrong with a 400W supply.

    You never really state whether your case is able to take full height Graphics cards or not (picture showing the two). Low profile doesn't have anything to do with power consumption. Just the height of the PCB and the slot. If you have a normal or even mini tower that allows for full slots, you are good to go.
    Here is the cheapest Radeon 5670 I could find, $75, $60 AR

    If you want to go Geforce 240, this one is $80, $40 AR

    And if you find you have a small Micro atx case like me, then you are forced to deal with low profile cards, and the best one that would fit your current PSU would be this Radeon 5670 which goes for about $87 shipped.
    Its easy to find many 5570 as low profile and there are some low profile 240s out there too

    Good luck, and if you want to save a bit more, Try your luck with ebay and look for a steal on a Radeon 5550/5570/5670 or a Geforce 240. If you do upgrade your PSU, you really won't be able to buy the other cards unless you raise your GPU budget, so stick with what you got is my advice.
  7. Thanks for the help. I really appreciate it
  8. I would recommend the HD5670 512Mb. I put one in my Athlon x3 440 based system (3 Gb RAM) to do some low to mid-end gaming. Imagine my delight when I installed Crysis and found that it plays that! I don't know what the frame rate is, but it is perfectly fine for me. My guess is around 25fps. But my resolution is 1600 x 900, so I don't know what you'll get on your full HD 1920 x 1080 screen. And no external power connection required. Recommended for the money, and DX11 too.
  9. Is it a athalon or a phenom dual core and how much RAM do you have?
    i play SC2 and i'm using a 5570,i can play it on high settings. Maybe 5-10 fps drop on a 1080 p monitor but you can run starcraft fine and WoW should be no problem either.I would also agree to go with a 5670.

    Heres a great deal on an Asus Radeon 5670 1G version

    $90- $55 after rebates and includes free shipping.

    Edit: Just looked at the power requirements, you might be cutting it close if you decide to go with the 5670.
    Go here and post back with how many watts your using/you can even use the 5670 and see how many watts your using if you get it.

    Go to "" and type in "psu calculator"
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