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Power User main workstation

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January 17, 2011 1:40:18 AM

So I possibly need a dose of reality here to temper my views on a new computer.

Ideally I'd like a computer that will have linux running as a primary OS, with windows XP running in a VM if and when I need, as well as another VM running a tinderbox to help my favorite source based linux distro's quality. This tinderbox VM will be running 24/7, endlessly compiling source code for the latest commits and finding configuration errors and incompatibility between packages. Obviously RAM and disk IO are blocking points, but I figure an SSD for the primary system, and a RAID 0 or 1+0 for storage.

I've been thinking a xeon dual proc setup would be ideal, but keep wondering how an X58 and i7-950 would hold up. I'm an Intel fan, but have tried AMD in the past, I think my major distaste was for Gigabyte's VR's in the early 2000's, because I burned up two boards, one AMD and one Intel, but since I started building PC's in the 486sx days, I've used only one AMD chip and I wasn't impressed.

The rig being replaced is a Socket 478 3.2ghz prescott P4 on an ASUS P4P800E-delux with 3gb ddr-400, a 74gb raptor, and a Raedon 8550 AGP. This machine has been starting to run down and is definately showing its age with a few BSOD's thrown in to scare me about the hardware. I'm not tinderboxing yet, but would like to do so if able.

Budget... yeah, haven't thought that far much, I think that I can swing upwards of $1500, but not too much more. I don't want latest and greatest, and there will be NO OVERCLOCKING (don't believe in it). Don't even need much of a graphics card, the only games I'm playing are flash based anyway.

Thoughts? Am I taking the express train to looney town with this idea?

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January 17, 2011 5:14:00 AM

Sandy Bridge is 100% the way to go. It crushes the old i7 and is way cheaper.
If you want, you can get an overclockable one for only $30 more!

Heres a great motherboard that goes with it:

And really fast 8GB of ram, only $100!

650W PSU should do it: This is a really good brand and great deal.

Antec 300 is the best rated case on Newegg, I have one, and I love it:

This is optional, but the GTX 460 gives a lot of bang per buck, heres a great one: I personally own one.

For hard drives, the WD 1TB Black edition is really fast, I also have one

Heres A really nice SSD:

Those should cover your main parts

Message me if you want more help