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Hey guys need to upgrade the memory on my Asus Striker II Extreme board. Two sticks are dead which has left me with the option of replacing the rest with a brand new set.

I'm currently using OCZ OCZ3G2000LV4GK PC3-16000 memory and i have found them to be unreliable and unstable, I have never achieved 2000Mhz ever with this memory.

My problem is , will the Asus Striker II Extreme work with the latest memory such as the Corsair Vengeance etc as they state they are optimised for the new generation?

Do I need to find older memory for my board for it to be compatible?

Would you have any recomendations?
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  1. Striker 11 Extreme ! Wow do you actually have one of those boards , and it works! I had gotten one of those when they first came out and could never get it to work and even the RMA board didn't work and it is still sitting on a shelf in my basement. I think I even still have the ram kits for it and it is actually some OCZ ram , but not the same you have and your welcome to it if you want to see if you can use it.
    It is OCZ3P1600EB4GK , 2GB , 7-7-6 1.8V , PC3 12800 Platinum Edition. There are four sticks for a total of 8gb.
  2. Forgot about this thread sorry guys.
    Yeah still have my Striker II Extreme , guess I've held onto it for awhile and been too stuborn to upgrade , keep saying next chipset I'll do it and it never happens , but will def upgrade in April to Ivy.
    It's been a problematic mobo I must say, but with lots of patience and tweaking I finally got mine to work stable.
    Inzone , I'd love to grab that memory off you and appreciate your offer , but I live in Australia.
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