HD5830 appears to have... died.


So I turned my computer on today, and was greeting by my normally black BiOS loading flash/OS-selection screen covered with a green tint, complete with distorted font and logos. I decided that this was probably a driver issue, and attempted to boot into Windows to uninstall/reinstall the driver. The windows log-in screen continued this trend, although the normally blue background was streaky (think the background of Van Gogh's starry night) and the logos distorted. I was greeted with merely a black screen (without the tint, however). Seeing if merely a hard restart was necessary, I flicked off the power button, and restarted. The green tint and distortion persisted. I was able to get into safe mode, however. Even after uninstalling the driver, the issue persisted. I then opened the case and dusted. No go.
I'm sad now.
Any ideas?

Intel Core i5-760 (stock)
G. Skill "Ripjaws" 1333Mhz DDR3 RAM
XFX HD Radeon 5830
Windows 7 Home premium 64-bit edition.
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  1. What is your PSU? brand? model?
    Have you checked the card temps?
  2. If you put a a bad PSU or a bad case you will either A: not have enough power, or B: Have a heat problem.
  3. Like a champ, i forgot to include that information, wa1.
    I'm using a Corsair TX750w PSU. Can't check the card temps - as the BiOS is nigh unreadable, and cannot get into windows. However, before the "death," it was acceptable.
    As far as cooling, I have 4 case fans. One is absolutely enormous and located right next to my video card.
  4. I would say talk to ATI about the peice of junk they gave you. ATI is NOT known for having bad products.
  5. XFX agreed with me. They're RMA-ing the card, but I'd still kinda like to know what went wrong with a 2 month old card.
    Any ideas?
  6. I would say that it had a factory problem. did you have something else that was hot blowing its hot air on it? Did you OC it?
  7. No, I didn't. I figured I'm too bad with these thing to OC.
    And it's right in between two huge fans, and has plenty of airflow around it.
    Just makes me thing I have terrible luck - I bought this card because of a failed EVGA card.
  8. Haha I have bad luck too. I think that the PNY RAM I just ordered might not even be the right thing. lol. I think you just got a lemon and there is other explanation for it. I hope I helped you and hope that your new 5830 will work well. :D
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