Which Case Should i Get?

Im in need of a big case for a new build that i was going to do
i was looking at the 2 particular ones

the Cooler Master HAF X
and the Antec P193

so which one do you think is better,

(new build will be aircooled)

or if neither are that good, which one should i get. (big enough to fit a HD 5970)
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  1. This is a great case: (Antec 1200)
    Its the top rated full tower on Newegg.

    I have the smaller Antec 900, and its really nice. Its has a sturdy design, lots of quiet fans, looks tight, and is easy to use.

    The 900 is too small for an 11in 5970 . But, it is the TOP RATED case on newegg. That shows just how great the Antec 900/1200 are!
  2. CASE = Lancool PC-K62 - Mid tower
    lian le
  3. The antec Df 85 is the new version of the 1200 and has some great features. I love my 1200 but if I was buying today it would be the DF 85.

    On sale too.

  4. out of the two you posted the HAF X is superior but if counting others as well the DF-85 is great here is a review


    only con price but that is not really a con since it's 140 after MIR (at the time OCC reviewed the price was 180)

    I also recommend getting a 120mm fan for the side to increase cooling performance the scythe gentletyphoons are pricey but quiet and move a bunch of air http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835185092&cm_re=scythe_gentletyphoon-_-35-185-092-_-Product

    If you aren't worried about noise the kaze is great http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835185054&cm_re=scythe_kaze-_-35-185-054-_-Product Really loud though that's why the gentletyphoon is more expensive
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