1x 1gb vs 2x 512mb vs 4x 256 mb?


Considering only performance, nothing else (price, future, etc.), what would be the best choice?
I know I'd use 4 x 1 gb, but that's not my question... I just wonder what's faster between those options
In dual channel.

1 x 1gb
2 x 512 mb
4 x 256 mb

Thank you in advance!
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  1. Dual channel works best with two sticks , so I'd say the 2 x 512mb is better.
    I would also prefer just one stick of 1GB, less hassle with timings having to match another stick. If one stick is out by abit , it will give you nothing but trouble.
  2. I can get your point, but that's only theorical, so we can imagine that all those ram are identical !

    Is there any software to test the performance? So I'd test it...

    PS: Sorry for my english, I'm French :??:
  3. Yes you can use memtest , just google and download it , also windows has memory diagnosics built in that can also use.
  4. 2X512 MB if you can run it in dual channel. Sometimes having 4 sticks causes the timing to have to be slowed down, which is a big impact on performance. My brother tried going from 2 GB (2 sticks) to 4 GB (4 sticks) and it was slower with that amount of memory. Now if you have a very memory hungry application having more slower memory is still better than paging to disk. Here is one utility that you can use for testing memory performance:

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