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GPU and PSU compatability

I have a EVGA 450i FTW mobo, Core2Duo E8400 o/c to 3.6Ghz, 8Gig ram, 3 500gig Raid HD's, and a BFG 550W PSU. I plan on upgrading my EVGA Geforce 9600gt to a EVGA 470GTX. The minimum PSU requirement is 550W. But it also says I must have 38A at 12V. The BFG PSU says it is rated at 18A x 2-12V channels. That only equals 36A. My APC battery backup says I am currently ;) using 189W at idle (that includes a 24" screen and peripherals) and is rated at 450W max. Will this work or am I going to blow something up. I want the 470 or a 465 because I can soft-mod it to be a Quadro to run engineering apps. The 9600 is not compatible with the RivaTuner soft-mod.
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    Yes, your PSU is enough to run a single GTX470 but that's not recommended, 18A on each 12V is not good, since your PSU is rated 550W. You won't last long using that PSU.
    I'll say get a better brand like Corsair, Antec, OCZ, Seasonic, SilverStone.
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