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Catalyst 10.11 is out,post your results

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  1. going to try 10.10e tonight (looks like it's the latest driver)
  2. Currently using 10.8 and not sure about moving to newest driver, well, post your result here mate... :)
  3. I've been using 10.10d and its fine,will give 10.11 a try and will posts the results here
  4. I am not a gamer. So my opinion may not count. But the thing that I like best about CCC10.11 is that the overdrive, when ticked, no longer increases idle core and memory clocks for one monitor systems. The bug is removed in this CCC 10.11. They still remain at 157/300 MHz so I can create profiles to increase idle clocks to just overcome TDR issue I have been experiencing, though rarely. If I increase core clock to 200 MHz and memory clock to 400 MHz, I do not experience any TDR issue.

    As you will remember, starting with CCC10.5, idle core/memory clocks rose to 400/1200 MHz when overdive was selected in CCC for both single-monitor and multi-monitor systems.

    EDIT: I have Windows 7 x64.
  5. Single monitor system 10.11 driver is more stable and performs better in games some stacks it had removed completely in catalyst center my HD5770 it goes at 157/300 in idle but some temprature drop also noticed at full load the driver as individual download sure worth it. Overclocked idles at 400Mhz GPU, 300Mhz GDDR5 no longer keeping the overclocked value in the memory at idle it was a bug. Also if the load in 2d is big the core clock and the memory clock increased to the overclocked value automaticly this will give you much better results in the benchmarks.

    The installation process isn’t getting much better, I mean some problems exists but i managed to overcome I expect an upgrade to that area.

    I have Windows Vista ultimate 64bits.
  6. Works great, plays every game I try. My 5870 still idles at 30c and gets to 60c in games at 1000c/1225m. But I've never had any problems with the 10.X series of drivers.
  7. I have found that my games run worse with the 10.11 driver update. I updated,and started to play F1 2010 and it seemed very glichy where as it did`nt before.I thought it may have been because i had CF enabled but the 10.11 driver is supposed to sort that out. I have had to go back to 10.10 to get the game to run smooth again.
  8. Alright, so I decided to take the plunge to go ahead and install the 10.11's to test on my diamond 4870x2 flashed to asus top bios.. I have mixed feelings about these drivers.. when i reboot and look in the CCC the ram is running in 3d mode.. but i fire up GPUz and it says its running at 500mhz.. so there is one inconsistency.. after running a game and exiting it shows the right numbers in 2d mode in CCC and GPUz.. Performance is good temps seem to be lower running in the lower 40's Celsius thats pretty darn good for a dual gpu card if you asked me but i do keep my system clean and clear of dust build up..

    BTW I am running windows 7 ultimate 64bit.. and I have P5E-deluxe from asus flashed to Rampage formula bios.. overclocked quad.. 8gb ram.. the game im using to test with is Fallout New Vegas.. 60+ fps inside and around 40+ outside most of the time occasional dips to the 30's.. my game resolution is 1080p set to ultra..
  9. I would say the 10.10c hotfix drivers work just as good as these..
  10. ^+1
  11. Would also like to note that I am getting 40 - 60 fps in GTA IV and 60+ in dragon age origins both in 1080p res..

    In my first post I had just installed the drivers.. and said that the memory was running on 3d clocks at startup, that issue has gone away after another reboot.. Everything seems great now..
  12. Does anyone know what the driver package titled AMD Catalyst™ Accelerated Parallel Processing (APP) Technology Edition does? Do i need to get that one? I just got the first driver package on the list at the AMD site..
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    Guys,follow the discussion in this thread
    No need to have 2 threads with one subject
    Thanks :)
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