I recently--may be 4 months ago--bought a Toshiba Portege r835-p70. I took out the HD to use as an external and installed a 128GB Crucial SSD. This thing is fast, but I thought I might max out everything out by upgrading the RAM from 4gb to 8gb. I want to buy crucial again, but I am a little worried about the BIOS issue I may run into and what model of RAM I should buy (I don't want to exceed my computer's limits). I will install this myself, unlike the SSD, so I am a little worried. Also, I was wondering if it would mess with my WiDi. I am a novice at best, but I am trying to learn.

I don't use my computer for much, but I just want the thing to be running at full capacity. I'd appreciate any info you have for me, as I want to order it soon. Thanks again and happy holidays.
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  1. What application(s) are you using that will take advantage of the additional memory? You'll gain no performance improvement unless current peak memory utilization already is close to 4 GB.
  2. I've heard that your downloading speed can increase. I download a lot via firefox. Also, wouldn't this help in the future once my computer becomes older, so that it won't bog down so much. I don't know because of the SSD and my plan to transfer most files to an external once my memory is at a certain percentage. Maybe this wouldn't be an issue. I appreciate your response.
  3. It definitely can't improve your download speed. Don't believe everything you hear; check your current peak memory utilization and then make your decision based on facts. An older computer gets slower only if you install more background applications.
  4. Here is one article on 4gb vs. 8gb:

    I suggest you go to your favorite ram web site and access their configurator. Enter the model of your laptop, and you should get a list of compatible parts.

    Ram is cheap, go for it.
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