My computer will shut off randomly while running PC games and won't power back on. Instead it will rev the graphics card fan on and off every few seconds and will continue to do this until I turn it off. No post, no video at all. I've tried resetting the bios, replugging, removing the RAM, etc. and nothing seems to work.
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  2. btw antec trio 650w and xfx 6950 oc, enough juice?
  3. Well, let's suppose it's heat-related rather than not enough juice. How would you test to see? I recommend that you remove your case cover and point a desk-fan in there to help cooling. Play your favorite PC games again and see if there is any improvement.
  4. remove your gpu and connect your monitor to the onboard igp and power on you pc. check if it posts and boots to desktop if it does either your gpu is bricked or the pcie slot .if it does not sadly one of your pc component is dead ,you just have to figure out which one.
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