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Hi all,

I'm just wondering if I will get the full potential out of a 5850 in my current system or if it would be held back due to the age of my system. Obviously benchmark results etc will always increase when GPU is coupled with high end CPU/RAM but I'm just wondering by how much.

My current set up is (bought it about 4 years ago):

E6600 2.4ghz OC @ 3.0ghz
4 gig PC6400 (800)
9600GT 512MB
75gig Raptor + 4 seagate 7200s

The reason I'm thinking of uping my gfx card is because I have a 21.5" HD monitor at 1920x1080 and it struggles to run the latest games due to the high res with only a 512MB card to drive it. Will replacing my 9600GT with a 5850 allow me to play COD black ops, metro 2033 etc at 1920x1080 with high settings? Also would it reach 100% of it's potential or maybe just 80% or 90% due to bottlenecks at my CPU/RAM/FSB?


I do plan on upgrading to an i7 950 + 2x3 gig trip chan 2000 DDR3 on a gigabyte X58-UD5 and adding another 5850 in xfire. But can't afford to atm so I figure maybe a simple GPU upgrade will suffice for now.
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  1. Go for an hd 6850, it scales better in crossfire when you plan to do an upgrade. Your cpu would bottleneck an hd 5850. The 6850, not so much.
  2. Thanks for the replies however I don't need help deciding on which gfx card...

    @yesitsmario: I know the 6850 is better in xfire than the 5850 however the 5850 OC's much better.

    I'm more interested in whether or not I will get close the the full benefit of having a 5850 in my current system or if I should just wait until I can buy my complete new system. If the 5850 will be close to 100% in my system then I'll get it now and upgrade my system down the track however if I will only get say 50% of it's potential due to bottle necks elsewhere in my system then I'd be better off waiting as #1 the price will drop #2 the 5970 will probably be a similar price in 6 months and I'd end up getting that instead.

    So if an i7 system with a 5850 gets say (for arguments sake) 40 fps avg on farcry 2
    could i expect around 35fps avg with a 5850 + my current system? or would it be much lower? If it's much lower I'll wait till I can do a complete upgrade. As you can see my problem is there are no benches with a 5850 in a C2D system for me to compare with an i7 system.
  3. Why not go for a 6870? It's better than the 5850 and scales great in crossfire.

    Here's the only review that I can find to do a black ops review with the 6870
  4. @Mario: I know!
    single card: 5870 > 6870 > 5850 > 6850
    crossfire: 6870 > 5870 > 6850 > 5850

    However the 5000's OC much better. I will be hardware OCing the cards in a separate system b4 crossfiring them in my new system therefor 2 x 5850/5870 OCD > 2 x 6850/6870 OCD or not! (this is why I'm probably going to opt for the 5850 > the 5870 because you can clock the 5850 to the 5870 anyway. Yes you can push the 5870 up aswell but not for the same gain.)

    Again, I did not create this thread for advice on which graphic card(s) to get, I am after a rough idea of the performance of a 5850 (it can be a 5850, 5870, 6850, 6870 it doesn't matter) in a C2D system so I can compare it to an i7 system. anyone of those cards will give me a rough idea as I can compare them against eachother, I just need one comparison with a C2D system....

    Annoying having to sift through bias comments from people trying to gain some sort of self reaffirmation of their own personal purchases.....

    @ dipankar2007ind: Thank you, that helps a little bit however it's still a bit hard as I need to compare my C2D E6600 to your Q9550 which isn't far off an i7 neway..
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  6. PERFECT!!!

    Thank you very much!
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