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Hi I recently upgraded my CPU, motherboard, and ram. My USB power no longer works unless the PC is powered on. This is inconvenient for when I want to charge devices or hook a KVM up to my Xbox. Does anyone know how to restore the power?

There is a USB section under the power menu in the BIOS, but there doesn't seem to be an option to enable this feature.

Any ideas?
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    Look for a feature in the bios called EUP. On many boards this powers down USB ports(and just about everything to get the power consumption under 0.5 watts) when the system is off.

    What board is it?

    EUP description from ASRock

    Some older boards used to have an option to take usb power from the 5v standby(so the power was always on) on the power supply, but they all do this now for the most part. still may be worth a look. Used to be a jumper near the usb ports on the board it self.
  2. It's an Asus M4N68T-V2. I haven't been too impressed with the board so far because from what I've read, it doens't support TRIM and I thought all modern boards did. Anyway, I will look for the EUP in the bios.

  3. A moment ago I looked at the link you supplied. I knew EUP looked familiar. I remember seeing it on my mobo box. I haven't looked in the bios for the feature. From now on I'll just use my Xbox to charge USB devices; it works just as well.

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  5. My friend was using the service port(it is USB after all) on a TV for charging :)
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