I am wondering if my ATI 2600 Pro (about 3yrs old) is starting to fail. Rather than overheating - Everest Ultimate shows a steady 54Deg C - I get no display, no BIOS screen, nothing for several minutes and then my screen is normal. If I reboot, I can see the BIOS screen and windows startup no problem. If I hibernate, say overnight, then the same happens but I get a display a bit faster.

I am wondering if the video card is not operating UNTIL it warms up and if it is about to die!

Any ideas?

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  1. maybe you're right, it's an old card, 3 years is a quite long time...
    you can try clean the card from dust and re-apply the thermal paste, see if that help, also re-install the driver. If those aren't good then it's time for a new card...
  2. try to clean you PC , Cpu fan , VGA fan as well . if you can get a blower that will be great
  3. sounds more like a power supply issue - a common symptom of bad capacitors. They can cause PC's not to post too, as can bad motherboard, or anything really. But i think its not the video card, more likely PSU.
  4. That sounds almost like a monitor problem. Is it LCD or CRT? What happens if you turn the monitor on a few minutes before the PC?
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