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I'm getting a PC with integrated intel graphics and pci-ex slot. I'm wondering if it's possible to use 3 monitors in windows XP professional with two cards if I add an nvidia card ? (I have a 7900GS with double dvi-out)

Also similar question with sound cards: there would be an integrated and additional one. Would I be able to play different sound/music on each card ?
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  1. nope . its max two monitor on the 7900 GS and you can't run the Built in video card to run the 3rd monitor ,
    about the sound cards its not Possible , maybe some custom abb's can do that but what the point ?!
  2. Anyone to confirm that? I thought I saw such option when I had an integrated and a standard graphics in some PC
    With sound point is to have two different music in different rooms coming out from this one single PC (you can select the sound card in windows config and above would be possible if I could do that in a program playing music)
  3. If I recall correctly, XP can have only one graphics driver. Since the integrated video and Nvidia discrete driver are different, they can't coexist. This restriction is lifted in Windows-7. It may still not work if the presence of a discrete card deactivates the intel integrated graphics for other reasons.

    Even with only one pci-e slot, you might be able to add in a pci or x1 based nvidia card to get the three monitors.
  4. 1) You can only install one graphics driver. If your onboard was nvidia, and your expansion card was nvidia, and they were both compatible with the driver you were using, then yes it would work. Likewise with ATI. If you have onboard ATI and an ATI expansion card you could do that. However, not with an intel integrated graphics adapter. If you have more than one expansion slot you could install dual graphics adapters, of the same brand, and run up to two on each card. They do have cards with 3 outputs from ATI (eyefinity cards), but one has to use display port. You can get an active adapter that makes it DVI but they are $100. They also have workstation cards that have 4 outputs, but they are pricey to.

    2)You can have more than one audio device installed, however, it can only output to one device at a time. I DO believe there are specialty cards out there that come with specialized software that will do what you want to do, but I believe they are pricey. (then again I could be wrong, I'm not an audiophile)
  5. Thanks for info. OK so I might try an old pci card like gf 5200 which is the newest I can see on my country's auctions now.

    Would there be drivers working for both cards ? Cannot determine through nvidia website so far
    And would there be 3 monitors detected automatically in the driver ?
  6. A 5200 might not be supported in the current drivers for a 7900. You could try though. You are talking about running the 7900 ad 5200 together?
  7. Go to the Nvidia web site, and look at the driver info for the 7900gs:
    I think the list of supported cards starts with the 6000 series.
  8. yep but the problem might actually have been solved in this thread:

    a vga duplicator will be ok for two monitors I think, I'll save my time and money of buying another vid card - old and expensive for it's power and not even being sure it would work ;)
  9. Wrong. XP and win7 can load multiple graphics drivers, its Vista that can do only one. The issue is going to be whether the onboard turns off when a
    GPU is plugged in. Some do, others don't. All you can do is try it and see.

    You should be able to run multiple sound cards as well. Each app can only output to one sound card however. This is how digital DJs play the music over one set of speakers, while finding the next song to play over their headphones.
  10. Wow that's exactly what I thought it was supposed to be, and all the others were just unfaithful ?! :kaola:
    I was thinking that I saw on one PC what you just wrote that some onboard intel driver/settings were accessible when it didn't turn off with generic card

    Same with sound card - but when looked up in winamp I didn't see the option, anyone knows a music player with that?
  11. If the program doesn't give you the choice, it will default to the default sound card. You'll need a program that lets you chose the other SC if you want to use the second one.
  12. OK I know that's why I ask for such one, if anyone knows :D
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