Why not to trust TomsHardware (for PSUs at least)


Nice setup. Those Chromas don't come cheap. That equipment there probably cost more than most OCNers make in a year. I wonder how Tom's managed to afford it...


Huh. Look familiar? I think it does. Well I'm sure there's nothing wrong with a little unprofessional conflict of interest, right? Especially if no one takes advantage of it.

Oh wait,
Nice how they gloss over the terrible +3.3V ripple on the CoolerMaster GX750. And don't mention the transient peaks on the +12V and +5V that exceed spec. That's not important at all, right? It's just exceeding the spec by huge margins for one of the most important areas of PSU performance. And then for the CoolerMaster Silent Pro Gold 700W they don't even mention the 58mV +3.3V peaks.

But then they go on for several sentences chiding Cougar for going slightly out of spec on the +3.3V. Less out of spec than the GX750, but they talk about Cougar's issue much more.

You know, I wonder who's paying whom for Tom's to use that lab?


I have one question for tom's, Umad?
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  1. I actually decided to post myself, and did so in the "Website Opinions" section.

    Since I'm not really talking about their articles per se, but more TH's journalistic integrity, or the potential lack thereof.

    Not familiar with the forums here or the people on them, don't really want to go into anything on that. All I'm saying is that TH's PSU "reviews" stink like NOLA public transport.
  2. When it comes to PSUs... johnyguru and word of mouth.
  3. hardwaresecrets, also.
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