Big problem. Computer wont boot. Nvidia and Radeon conflict

Hey guys, so I royally screwed myself over with this one. I had a dinky little nvidia 9400gt in my semi old computer. I wanted to put in a Radeon HD5750 to give it a boost (It had more bang for the buck). I didnt uninstall the nvidia drivers BEFORE I installed the radeon drivers so now I have a non-functional Catalyst conrtol center on it and working nvidia drivers. The combination wont let me boot the comp. The nvidia card works but it wont boot past the boot page (Pres F2 for setup option, F11 for boot menu, both of which dont function properly). So I tried to reset the bios. All that accomplished was getting rid of the F2 option for my boot page. If you can solve this you will be my hero.
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  1. okay, you've screwed up... What I'd recommend is, if you can, put the hard drive in another pc as a secondary and back-up all your stuff. Then put it back in the first computer and format and reinstall your os. I hope there's a better way, but that's all I got.
  2. F8 into safe mode and either uninstall drivers or remove from start up via msconfig, regedit or deleting files from the system32 folder.
  3. I cant start it up at all. Not even in safe mode! I formatted the drive and its the same result :(
  4. When you reset the BIOS did you check the boot drive and PCIe options?
  5. I think I might have reset the bios wrong. I took out the battery and power supply for the motherboard and pressed the power button to discharge the system (because I couldnt find the 3 pin bios reset thing). I think I found the 3 pin thing although I'm not sure if it is it or even if I reset it wrong :/
  6. Mousemonkey said:
    When you reset the BIOS did you check the boot drive and PCIe options?

    The what? O.O
  7. Resetting the BIOS will normally clear the boot settings as everything should go back to the factory default and when you first reboot you should go into the BIOS and set it all up again.
  8. well that didnt happen it just freezes at the boot screen with F11 as the only non-working option :/ did I reset it wrong and if I did how do I do it right?
  9. Your motherboard manual should have the instructions you will need to follow.
  10. I bought the computer second hand and it didnt have the manual :/ although I do have the OEM driver disk.
  11. Take a look at the motherboard manufacturers website.
  12. I cant find anything on the manufacturers website D:
  13. Ok so I tried the 3 pin switch reset and now it wont even go to a frozen loadscreen anymore. The fans blow and the power light go on for 2 seconds and then it shuts off. If I got a new motherboard that works with all my old components will that work :/ cause I kno how to start a fresh computer its just this upgrading crap is messing me up!
  14. Drivers don't initialize until windows starts, if you are freezing up before that and are unable to even enter your bios setup then you have another problem. Make sure your card is seated correctly and that you have the 6 pin power connected if you're using the 5750 (I don't think the 9400 has any external power connector).
  15. I took it out. The bios is supposedly reset properly. The hard drive is wiped. I have what I believe to be the windows 7 install disk in and it still just turns off after 1 second :(
  16. I found a pdf manual for the motherboard and yea, its gone. I'm just gonna get a new one and set it up like its a new comp :/
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