Can this PSU handle Radeon HD 5770?


I want to know if this PSU (Thermaltake TR2 -500w) can handle a single Radeon HD 5770. This is the PSU that I have and I want to buy this video card. Every comment is appreciated and pardon me because of my low level english.

Thanks for all your answers. Regards, M.E.
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  1. Yes, it can. It can handle even a 5850. You should not have any problems installing a 5770 in your PC. I have a tr2 model 550w but with much fewer Ampere on the 12v rails(older model) and i have my 5770 overclocked and my CPU from 2.66 to 3.4Ghz overclocked. I never had any problems with my PSU and going to 3 years of use in January-February.
  2. @ionut19 @wa1 thanks for your answers. Now I can buy this great card with confidence. :)
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