Intel core 2 duo e7500 probleme

Hello, i update my system, so i bought a new processor. i replaced my old c2d e4600 to e7500. (i have gigabyte ep 35c ds3r, with the lastest bios F4). When i installed the cpu and run windows i check with cpu-z. First weird thing that i noticed, my cpu run at 2,1ghz (8x266), (the original clock at 2,93ghz (11x266). C1E , and eist enabled. Then i go back to bios then i set up the new clock ratio. Before the adjust cpu wei score-> 5,9 , after 6,4 . The question is why my cpu run at 2,1ghz (in default speed ?) If i run at 266x11 and in 2,93ghz will be ok ? or i should switch back ? (sorry for bad english)
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  1. Hello, and welcome to THG.

    If you want to go to 11 on the FSB, then you may want to bump up the voltage a little.
  2. this might be obvious
    but could it be Intel Speedstep (eist)
    if your not familiar with Speedstep
    it determines CPU speed by usage demands
    right now my C2D 2.93 (11 x 266) is running
    at 1.6 (266x6)
    when I start using a demanding application (avi encoder) it
    will go up to 2.93
    if I am just browsing it is around 1.6-1.8
    the E7500 is designed to run at 266 x11 multiplier
    I have an E4500 at OC 2.93 which is very similar performance
  3. Download gigabyte's Easy tune 6 It will o.c. your system automaticly with in the specs that you set. My c2duo 7300 has been at 3.2 from 2.66 rock steady on stock Intel HS and fan for a few years . You will notice a difference.
  4. here pictures about my bios settings

    -> with default settings ->
    -> and with the new settings->

    so i should adjust the voltage to ? or this fine ? (ohh and thx the fast answer )
  5. Best answer
    no leave voltage alone!
    if you are not familiar with Overclocking then dont play with voltage

    you could go google beginner guides to OCing a core2duo and learn if your
    not sure how to do it
    but start off with just changing fsb mildly
    otherwise just leave your settings alone

    it is odd that it defaulted to 8x but if it is working ok now
    then you are perfectly fine
    that cpu is designed to run at that speed
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  7. Thank you for selecting me as Best Answer :)

    Good luck
    and dont be a stranger....
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