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My girlfriend recently received a new laptop and decided to give her old Dell Inspiron 1525 to me. I was hoping to disassemble it and use the components to make a simple HTPC with a custom case I would make out of Mahogany for a fun side project.

However, I have no idea what the capabilities of the motherboard are. Does it have any form of PCI slots? How many sata connections does it have (besides the obvious single one for the onboard HD)? Or perhaps another connection that could be used to attach a video card/sound card/more sata connections?

I would really like to add a very low level graphics card and/or more hard drives

You may have assumed that I don't have too much experience in these matters and you would be correct.

Thank you for any help on this topic and even more for any advice on how I would go about doing this project!
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    No, No Way To Attatch A Video-Card The One In It Should Be Fine For A HTPC, And Last I Checked If It IS SATA There Should Be Two Ports. On-Board Sound Should Be Fine As-Well.
  2. Thanks Hella,
    That's what I figured and feared. However, I agree that the onboard integrated graphics (i think Intel X3100) will probably suffice. I'm pretty sure that I read that x3100 can do 1080p video playback through HDMI. Also, if there are two SATA ports, that would be awesome! Could anyone confirm this or send me to a link that would have the info?

    Another thing that occurred to me, could I perhaps remove the processor/hdd/ram and use a better motherboard?. I think that the socket is Socket P (for the core 2 duo T7250) but I can't find any mobo's on newegg for that socket. Am I looking for the right thing?

    Thanks again!
  3. If Im Not Mistaken And I Could Be Wrong. I Do Beleive There Are A Few Socket P Desktop Motherboards, Try Ebay
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