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Thanks for looking firstly,
Secondly, I need a fairly resonably priced computer to run games, and demanding ones too, such as COD 7 and i have done a bit of research and found that this is probably the most likely set-up to buy. Im 16 so i dont understand these things too much but any help or suggestions would be appriciated

The computer itself :

The min specs for CoD 7 :

My main question is, would this computer do the job (considering i will buy another graphics card later ) and will it do it well? and im asking this because i have read on other forums that building your own computer is cheaper, i just find this a very convinient set up. Thanks.
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  1. It will not play the game well with the onboard graphics but with that PSU you could upgrade to a GTS450 - GTS550 or HD5770 and it would be well playable.
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