How much bottleneck i have?
CPU : Amd athlon x2 5000+ @ 2.8 Ghz
Graphics: GTS 450 GS GLH
Ram: 2 Gb DDR2 800
If i play Crysis ON STRONGER CPU on 1440x900 w/o AA Enthusiast, and if i have 30 fps how much will i have on my CPU???
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  1. Sorry about bad english, i am from Serbia
  2. Dargo mi je da jos neko ovde zna srpski.
    Ja mislim da nebi imao dovoljno frejmova zato sto ti je CPU slab.
    Moja ti je preporuka Athlon II x2 240 ili neki bolji.

    I`m happy to see that someone else here knows Serbian.
    I think you wont have enough FPS because your CPU is weak.
    My recommendation is Athlon II x2 240 or something better.
  3. Wow, it's great we have members from all over the world... :)

    Yup, agree with CoDFan, get higher cpu surely will boost your performance a lot.
    You already have a good gpu, so save some money to get better cpu (if your board support higher cpu).
  4. Looking at your system, I would first look at your CPU. The Athlonx2 is an older architecture that is having a hard time keeping up with modern games. You may want to invest in a new CPU,motherboard,RAM combo(4GB+). Even if it is a Phenom II x2,Athlon II, or i3 it would do you much better. A Quad core would be preferable, Phenom II or Intel i series chip.

    The GTS 450 is more of a mainstream card, so don't expect dazzling graphics even with a system upgrade, but it will perform better than what you have currently. It is a modern series of card so you should be fine.
  5. well i am not in a financial situation to buy new CPU.
    I am just interested about that bottleneck, is it so big?

    Ne mogu trenutno da priushtim sebi novi procesor, samo me interesuje jel ce bas mnogo da je usporava?
  6. And can a PSU slow down performance?
    GPU need 22A at 12V rail and my PSU has 18A (Linkworld 450w)
    Is it worth of buying a new PSU?
  7. An overstressed PSU can blow up and that does tend to slow things down a bit, so I suppose the answer is "yes, sort of". :lol:
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