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AMD Radeon 6850 Question

Hello, I've been thinking of upgrading to an AMD Radeon 6850. And I wondered if a 500 Watt power supply with four 12V rails at 11 amps, 11 amps, 13 amps, and 13 amps is enough to run it on.

My computer configuration is two physical xeon 3200 mhz single core processors with hyper threading, 4 sticks of ddr2 ram, x-fi extreme gamer pci card, one 7200 rpm sata drive, one 7200 rppm ide drive, one dvd rom drive, and one dvd/rw drive. I generally also have 3 usb ports being used to draw power from the system, they are an outboard hard drive, a mouse, and a headset.

Thanks in advance for the reply.
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  1. what are you running for a card right now? Do you have a link to your current psu, make model number?
  2. My graphics card is a gigabyte 240 gt:

    I used to have a nvidia quadro fx 3450 instead of it but upgraded to the gigabyte card.

    My power supply is a delta electronics inc, DPS-470AB-1 A REV :00f A picture of it is uploaded here:

    Also in future for looking at graphics cards, should I be worried about my computer having pci-e 1.1 instead of 2.1 since it only gives apparently 75 watts through the slot where-as pci-e 2.0 and higher give around 150 watts.

    Also apparently since my system is an hp xw6200 the power connector requires an extra cord to power the motherboard, so if I upgrade the power supply it looks like I'd have to buy a customized one.
  3. That power supply isn't the greatest, and might be worth an upgrade if it's in your budget. You can always take the new PSU with you to a future build/upgrade.

    Even the new cards will work without issue on the pci-e 16x bus.

    On the motherboard do you mean a 4x4 pin for the cpu? Most decent modern psu will have that capability.

    You can try your current power supply with the new card if no joy I recommend this unit.------------->
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    -I would say if you have a single CPU, we could check into your PSU a little more, but dual CPU, I would upgrade your power supply.

    -you don't have to worry about the pci-e 1.1 vs 2.1. 1.1 will have enough bandwidth that a 6850. However two single core CPU's may start to show their ago very soon.

    -If I am correct your Motherboard has a 24 pin motherboard connector, then a second 8 pin EPS12V connector. All you would need to do is make sure a new PSU has an 8 pin EPS12V and not just a 4pin ATX12V. Most good PSU's support both. The only other thing would be your oem PSU may be a little taller dimension wise. I am not sure on this, you would have to check it out. I've had this before with some workstation stuff where I replaced a PSU and there was a slight gap. I'd recommend at least a solid 600W.
  5. Thank you very much for the fast replies. I have one last question, I just found out about power supplies dedicated to graphics cards that fit in a 5.25 inch bay. And wondered if this may be another option other than changing out my power supply. they are located in the links below.

    Thanks in advance.
  6. My buddy tried one of these once and it works ok. It died after not to long. Your best option is just replace the power supply. I think thermaltake made one or two that weren't to bad, but if I remember they were pretty costly and you could get a replacement power supply for the same amount. They tend to have small fans that can be loud.
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  8. Thank you all =]
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