Heat Problems with Ati Radeon HD 5750

Hello everybody!

I seem to be having a slight heat problem with my GPU. Under Idle it sits at around 73 degrees Celsius, but under a 50 percent load, it kicks up to ~90 Degrees. Any suggestions on what could be going wrong with the card? Could it be poor airflow in my case, or where my case sits? Could it be time for a clean up? Any thoughts or suggestions before my card bursts into flame would be appreciative. :)

Thanks again!
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  1. Which model 5750 do you have? Does it have an OEM cooler or other? What are your ambient temps, i.e. how hot is the room it is in? What case do you have it installed in? Does the case have at least ok airflow? Is it a new card or has it been used for a while? (dust if used for a while)

    You should see, with an OEM cooler, low 40C idle, and low 80C load.
  2. So, how do we analyze your problem if we don't know anything about your card or your other components?
    Tell us your FULL system specs, please... :)
  3. ^ and a story. I like stories. Of the card.
  4. ^but not too long i hope... :)
    nice to see you around jay...
  5. I poke my head in the forums from time to time. Not like I used to. New job 6 months ago. Not alot of extra time to wonder around here. I had to wonder a little since I upgraded my card the other week. You know how that goes.
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