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How can i know the core area of Intel core 2 Q9400 and the die area used?? what about other processors??

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  1. Do a websearch. If you're trying to find the die size, type in "q9400 review". It should be listed on the specs page.
  2. Sounds like a homework question. Google something like "q9400 die area".
  3. Cheating is not allowed.
  4. @PC Guru_07

    i aske about (how) as the information i want is not easy to found, so i want help in resources not the information it self ( not cheating).
  5. Not easy to find? I disagree.
  6. It is just a matter of the proper search parameters.

    PC, did either 4745454b or I give welloo the answer? No, we just showed him two (of the many) ways to find it himself.

    You hang around here a little while and you will notice that the regulars tend to take that approach to questions like this.

    We are doing our part teaching a man to fish ...
  7. And thats fine unless your in the Mac section. Someone over there seriously needs to grow up....
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