Packard Bell 4GB 2.93 useable - FoxCon N15235


I have a packard bell IXtreme 2711.
I recently installed 4gb ram but only 2.93 is useable. In the bios only 3gb is dectected. But in windows it shows 4gb , and 2.93 useable.

The motherboard is a FoxCon N15235
And the bios version im using is PBSFC2MB.P11

There is nothing in the bios related to memory remapping....

Any ideas?? please!!
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  1. All windows 32 bit operating systems only recognize about 3 gb of ram. Some is also used for the onboard video.
  2. I'm using x64 windows 7...
  3. I'm using x64 windows 7...
  4. Can't help you then. You may need a newer board. But the performance difference between 3 and 4 gb is very low. I wouldn't put any more money into it.
  5. ah right ok ,

    Im just trying to find my bottleneck as I assumed I would be able to play for example GTA 4 on lowest settings with my spec.
    But the issue I have is the same on any game I play, regardless of the resolution setting and quality settings, the lag I am gettings (every few seconds the game pauses for 1/2 a second and resumes) I think it is sound related. I am letting the sound run via my HD cable from the graphics card, not sure where the bottle neck is....
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