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Hello, i recently purchased D-link DI-624 Wireless Router and i have problem installing it. it came without software so i had to find it online. but it didn't help, in the middle of installation it says that I'm missing some firmware. so, i downloaded firmware and still no change. also, the problem is, no attempt at trying to access the set-up through the Web
browser using the stipulated IP address and the user name of
admin with no password works.Can anyone
here offer a suggestion?
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    You don't need software to install a router -- though most come with an installation wizard on CD that may help detect and set the WAN (ISP's required settings).

    If this is a cable setup -- you don't state whether you have DSL or cable and D-Link's support site is confusing so I couldn't fathom which the 624 is designed for -- you'll need to approach it rather differently than if you have DSL.

    Everything can be done manually -- download the manual from the CD or from the D-Link support site, if you can find your way through it. The router itself has a fairly good help system within its setup screens -- as I recall D-Links are usually on -- pressing the reset will restore that address if it has been changed. Speak to you ISP for WAN settings.
  2. Thanks fihart, it works now. Just if anybody will have the same problem, the default password and user name to the control panel of D-link DI-624 router is:

    password: password - you equally have to tipe word password in.
    very often you will be told to leave password line blank, but this is wrong
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