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Hey all again, Just wanted to post my experience of building for the first time. Toke me so long to figure out certain stuff mostly due to trying to do it safe. E.g Tooless rail for hardrives in my case requires a lot of pressure to press the hardrive, I didn't want to brake it so instead i scrached the sides of the hardrive until i finally put it in,
RAM: I felt like i was going to brake the motherboard when putting on the RAM, i read that it requires extra push then other stuff so i did but when i first booted, i got a few beeps and realised something was wrong, checked RAM and pressed extra extra hard... heard a click and was like PFFF couldn't they mention that in the pointless manual?
CPU Heatsink: I didn't put it right first time, had to remove the presuplied thermal compound and reaply it, didn't reaply perfectly but ohwell, that lesson will be for future builds :P
But the experience and the joy when everything worked on the 3rd boot was amazing, i wanna build more computers, I'm also loving the speed of everything, such a big improvement from a dusty dell.

I did some Tests on Crysis: at 1280:1024 resolution (Crappy Monitor) and everything else set to Very high, i managed to stay between 60-80 FPS. I also used HW monitor to look at temps: CPU cores seem to range between 28-36 degrees at idle and tend to be between 55-63 degrees at around an hour of playing crysis.
Graphics card Tends to be between 35-40 degrees at idle but reaches 77 degrees max while playing crysis.

The thing is, in bios, CPU temperature tends to stabalise at 47-49 degrees(which should be idle temps?), what would be more accurate? Hwmonitor or Asus Bios?

Also, say i got a new monitor and gamed max settings at max resolution, would that increase the Temps of the Graphics card, as 77 degrees is pretty high i think, so any more wouldn't really be nice?

And Yeah, what are your general opinions on the temperatures, should I try more to reduce them or are they good etc?

My Build:

i5 2500k CPU
Asus P8P67 P67 Motherboard ATX
XFX Radeon 6950 GFX
4gb Croshair 1600mhz Ram
1tb Samsung spinfoint f3
Windows 7 64bit
Antec TP 650Watts
Xclio a380 Colour Case

Thanks for all the help so far :)
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    Your CPU temps seem fine, not sure which reading is correct though, as long as it's under 75 C it's fine

    GPU temps seem fine as well if you want to reduce them buy some TIM unscrew the stock cooler and remove the stock TIM and apply this one you should see about 3 C drops or so

    If you buy the TIM apply it on your CPU as well those temps should drop 5 C if everything is done right
  2. Make sure you put the GPU back together after applying the TIM
  3. Thanks for the reply,
    if the temps are alright then i will leave them be, don't really want to mess with more thermal compounds lol
  4. They could really help and are essential if you wanna overclock, SB if cooled correctly with stock heatsink and different TIM can hit 4.3ghz relatively easily
  5. Well i did put thermal compound on the CPU, didn't even know you could do it on the graphics card aswell but i won't be overclocking anytime soon as i don't see the need for extra performance atm. When the time comes, i will buy a better CPU cooler and reaply Thermal compound. I just wanted to be sure that i won't be damaging the parts at these temperatures.
  6. for your future cpu cooler the scmg-2100 is great and will give you awesome temps, but by the time you're ready to buy there might be better solutions
  7. Congrats :) CPU temps are normal, no need to worry. Graphics is maybe a bit high, but I suppose today's cards can run at such temps regularly. Is your GPU a dual slot that exhausts some of the air out of the case? Is your ambient temperature like 30C or more like 20C? Case airflow could affect the temps - eg. a better designed case could provide better airflow, or then bigger, stronger and more numerous fans. Which size and number of case fans do you have?
  8. I run the same temps on my GPU 5850 and I have decent cooling HAF 922 with stock fans, I'm pretty sure it's just the card runs hot
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  10. Thanks for the replies, forgot about this thread :P

    I did make a few mistakes that i know could reduce the temperatures a bit like:
    - when repalying thermal paste, i didn't do it as best as it possibly could
    - I rushed buying the case as it was on a deal ( I like the case and won't regret it unless something blows up because of heat problems) should have gone something more recognised as a first time builder though maybe.
    -next time i will try to make my build neater with cabling, it's not too bad now but i didn't pay much attention and i don't feel like tweaking it now.

    But unless the temperatures are worrying to the extent of action then i'm happy, i do regularly run temp monitors just incase but again not sure how accurate they really are.
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