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1999 power supply


I have a power supply from 1999 that doesn't want to die (now it runs an Intel Atom 330 based pc)
How can i measure the efficiency of it, or how much it drains from the wall?

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  1. Nice thing there but i am in a 3rd world country. Where else would you find a 1999 psu that works? The shipping price would be high...
  2. That's the only way to measure the usage of it, you should do a search in your area for a similar product.
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    A PSU from 1999 will be based on the ATX v1.3 standard and will thus have an extremely anemic +12V rail, usually making up 40-60% of the PSU's total rating, rather than the 80-90% expected of modern PSUs. Its effective wattage is essentially halved when powering anything newer than a Pentium 3.

    Additionally it will be based on an outdated topology, probably half bridge, single transistor forward, push-pull, or dual transistor flyback. Efficiency will range from 65%-75%, depending on which of these is used and how well it's implemented. Running an Atom system, which will draw around 20-50W (depending on the configuration) may result in even lower efficiency, potentially as low as 50%.

    Finally, 12 years is more than enough time for capacitor derating (which is usually an overblown non-issue) to have significant effect on the power supply's capacity.

    Basically: get a new PSU.
  4. interesting, so i'll try to find a way to see how much it drains... and i should expect 50%

    Not so bad for a psu that i can't even hear (as long as the new ones that you say i should buy make a rocket)

    i was actually thinking of buying a sandy bridge mini itx that would drain 130-200W but if you say the 12v rail could be 100W i'll check if it'll pass that...
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  6. To see your power draw (after efficiency losses), you need a power meter. In the states you can get a basic one (like the P3 Kill-a-Watt) for $20-$30, but I don't know about where you are.
  7. i measured the drain in my entire home with only the pc powered on... it's 16 W/hour witch leads me to the conclusion that the psu is very good and very efficient...

    perfect for a server that hosts one web page that no one visits... now i'll need to find a storage device that drains very little, as i intend to make a virtual drive from RAM and will only need the storage device to boot, where should i post this in the forum
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