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yesterday i was playing the witcher. once (druing the ice plains if that matters) the game froze up my pc and i had to do a forced shutdown. when i tried to restart i got a long beep. i took my vid card out and dusted it off a bit and everything started working again.

this happened again after the credits of the ending of the witcher rolled. i had to force a shutdown. but, this time i just took the vid card out, didn't dust it, stuck it back in and everything worked fine.

then, last night i turned off my pc, everything shut down normally. then i realized i forgot something, tried to turn it back on and got nothing but "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"... a long beep.

since then i have tried putting ram in different slots, trying different ram, taking my vid card completely apart and dusting it (although i did not reapply the heat paste as i do not have any. whoever decided to put the screws to the fan housing on the bottom so that you have to take off the entire heat sink should be jailed), dusting out the rest of the pc, taking out my tv tuner and sound card and putting the back in after dusting....

i don't know what could be causing this.

the system is

biostar tforce 550 motherboad
amd athlon 5600+ cpu
msi 8600 gts oc edition
(was till i started fiddling about) 4 gigs gskill ram. i tried my old geil ram and the same problem occurred. and i tried only using one stick and using different slot. and yes, the locks locked in place.
chaintech av 710 sound card
avermedia tv tuner card
corsair hx520w power supply

i have also tried unhooking my keyboard with no luck

i have no idea what one long beep means as it seems there is not bios code associated with a singular and only one long beep.

i should also mention that my screen stays black. i cannot see anything. no bios page, no nothing. i just get one long beep, then silence, then if i press f1 like i normally would on start up my mouse and keyboard lights go off and come back on. when i press the power button to shutdown after this point it takes a second to do so like it would if it's reached the startup page.

what do you think is causing the issue?

this is using xp 32 by the way.

and if i do just need a new vid card, what would be the current ati equivalent to the nvidia 8600 gts?
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  1. i'm pretty sure it's not the ram now. when i remove all ram and start it i get one long and then one short beep. but with the ram in, either ram and in any configuration that is, i just get one loooooong beep followed by silence.
  2. Do you have your motherboard's manual? It'll tell you what the one long beep means. If you don't have the manual, you can download it from the manufacture's website.

    Also, I would definitely run to RadioShack (or your other electronics/computer store) and get some thermal interface paste to reapply to your video card--that stuff is pretty critical to prevent it from overheating and getting damaged.
  3. i should also note that i cannot read the pdf manual for this motherboard because this pc will not allow adobe reader to work.

    although, from what i've read of what other people on another forum have posted, the beeps i get do not match the beeps i should be getting according to the manual. for example, there is no code associated with the one long beep followed by silence that i get.
  4. and now, with everything installed but no ram it gives me no beeps.

    the beeps to do not match what the manual says.
  5. So, nothing like this?

    - One long beep followed by two short beeps = Video card not found or video card memory bad
    - High-low siren sound = CPU overheated. System will shut down automatically
    - One Short beep when system boot-up = No error found during POST
    - Long beeps every other second = No DRAM detected or install

    Virus Warning
    This option allows you to choose the VIRUS Warning feature that is used to
    protect the IDE Hard Disk boot sector. If this function is enabled and an attempt
    is made to write to the boot sector, BIOS will display a warning message on the
    screen and sound an alarm beep.

    Disabled (default) Virus protection is disabled.
    Enabled Virus protection is activated.

    If not, time for this then:
  6. i thought all i was getting was one long beep, but it may be one long followed by two short beeps.

    have you ever heard a brass instrument gurgle while someone played it because they hadn't emptied the spit out of it? it's kinda like that.

    what i'm getting may be "beeeeeeeepbeepbeep" instead of the

    "beeeeeeep beep beep" i was expecting.

    there are no pauses between the beeps at all. with the room quiet it does sound almost like one long and two short, but with NO pauses between beeps.

    and also, for some reason it's stopped beeping at all when no ram is in.

    is there any chance it could be the motherboard battery?
  7. Weird--I'd recommend calling technical support for your motherboard's manufacture, and seeing if they can tell you what that beep means--haha, you can play it over the phone for them. :)
  8. hey, what does it mean when your computer beeps when using google video? I had this happen once a long time ago. the only things i could think of were cpu overheating, which seemed unlikely, and a potential bios virus, which is also unlikely. could it have been the card too?
  9. Was it a "bee-boop-bee-boop" noise? If so, then your CPU was overheating. If it was a singular beep, sometimes the case speaker will make that noise when you press too many keys on your keyboard at once (in my experience at least :)). Beyond that, no idea!
  10. tech support said it was a no post beep... so.............................. now i get to swap parts.
  11. the beep i'm getting now is tne no post beep (what does that mean?)

    the old beep, is hard to remember. it was more like a bunch of beeps that raised in pitch in rapid succession.
  12. how do you reset the cmos? would that or changing the motherboard battery do anything?
  13. See here for troubleshooting instructions (including resetting the CMOS):
  14. okay, riddle me this one please.

    the hard drive would not work if the cpu, ram, and motherboard did not work, right?

    i ask because if i have everything plugged in (hard drive, ram... etc....) and i press f1 as i normally would have to after post to get windows to start up, the light on my mouse goes off, then on, just as it normally would, and i can hear my hard drive running, and when i press the power button to shut down after doing this it takes a few seconds to shut down as it normally would if i had past post and have not logged on.
  15. it must be the video card!

    and you know why?

    because my num lock works!

    cpu, ram and motherboard mus work for num lock to work!

    they must!

    and now i need to go do something else with my day.
  16. I had the same problem. The way I fixed it was. Changed the battery on the motherboard, it was dead then I changed the date time from 2003 to 2018 then I got the error BOOTMGR missing. So it was just a matter of installing the windows 7 again and hey boots up and the monitor comes now. This worked for me hope it helps.
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