ASrock P55 Extreme 1156 code AA error


yesterday I did monthly computer dust cleaning. I removed CPU fan and graphics card to clean them more easily. When I put it back in and turned on computer I was in for a treat. Nothing displayed on a montor, just fans spinning as ast as they can.

At first Dr. Debugger was stopping at code 85. I resloted the graphics card and RAM and cleared CMOS by pressing the button behind. Still no change so I took out the processor to see if I messed u the pins when I was putting fan back on. Everything was fine but when I turned computer back on it didn't stop on code 85 anymore, it went to 00 and it displayed first windows screen after booting is done. It stopped there for like 3-4 seconds only to go back to code AA and black display alog with fans on max speed.

Computer setup:
Intel i5 750
ATI 5770
2x 2 gb Corsair at 1600 mhz
Samsung F3 500 gb

I've had this computer for almost 2 years now (2 years in 11 days) and never had any problems before nor did I overclock him.

Am I doing somethig wrong or RMA time?
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  1. I forgot to mention that when I enter BIOS, screen goes black after 3-4 secs, same thing that happens when "Windows is starting".
  2. bump, anyone?
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