Buy now or will it drop more in price?

I've been watching newegg for the past week and it looks like this is the best combo for the money. There was $7.87 and $2.99 shipping on the mobo and ram, but now it's free. Also the motherboard dropped another 5 bucks. I've tried pairing less expensive mobos with the 2500k and it always came up to ~$20 of this combo. So in your opinion, now that everything is back in stock, is now the time to buy this combo or can I get a bettter deal by waiting longer?

upgrading from-
AMD 435 X3 @ 3.25ghz
4gb ddr2 ram @ 800mhz

parts not getting replaced-
GTX 460 EE @ 850/1700/2150
antec BP550 plus
500gb hard drive
dvd drive
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  1. You can't link to the shopping cart. Either make a public wishlist or post each part with a separate link.

    No idea what you're looking at, but I will say that if you actually need an upgrade (i.e. exverything seems really slow, and you can't do what you need to), then it's the right time to upgrade. Trying to play the low price game will drive you insane. While you wait for lower prices, new tech will come out, making you wait for that (or the price drop it will bring). You'll never get to the point where you'll actually feel like you should be buying.
  2. Sorry about that, linked the items now. I was waiting mainly for the shipping on the SB parts to go to free shipping like newegg items usually have and maybe for it to come down a little. I game/program and I just bought the cheap AMD setup while I was waiting for SB to come out because my 775 build crapped out(mobo died).
  3. These sticks of RAM are the same, but cheaper Corsair XMS3.

    The other parts are fine.
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