2500k too hot???

I'm trying to determine if my Noctua NH-D14 is seated correctly. The rest of the components are P8P67 Pro, i5 2500k and Antec 900. At idle CoreTemp reads most cores at 29c and running Orthos with the 2500k with turboboost at 3.7ghz hottest core reaches 60c. This is my first build using the NH-D14 and I don't want to begin to OC until I determine if those temps are where they should be.

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  1. You shouldn't be seeing 60ºC at stock speed with a D14, unless your ambient temp is very high.
  2. Do you know what temp I should be looking for stock? I reseated this evening and am now at low to mid 50's running small ffts. Should it still be lower? I forgot to mention this is with Arctic Silver 5 just applied so not nearly passed the cure time. Ambient temp is around 23-25c.
  3. I have the same cooler and board i2500k and is doing same thing. All setting are at stock. It ran 33c at full load over clock to 4.2 ghz on the old one (old board subject to recall).I found it to be the p8967. South bridge also get to 55c at norm load and the marvel sat a 6g ports work when they want. And must I say I know more then there customer service.but check you seating and that you didn't over past it if not most likely your board. :(
  4. I would appreciate some other opinions seeing as I doubt I should be at 33c during full load OC'd to 4.2 unless I was outside in alaska.
  5. I don't have the same heat sink so it's hard for me to comment, however I do have the Corsair H70 - based on benchmarks the H70 is slightly inferior however they are pretty close.

    I'm at 4.3 ghz and at normal room temperature (around 21 degrees C) I idle around 30C and while running prime 95 for about an hour I hit low to mid 50's.

    I feel pretty confident that these are good temperatures based on some benchmarks I've seen, if you are in this ballpark I'd be pretty happy.
  6. At stock load I'm getting a high of 58c running small ffts in orthos for 2 hours so I'm still not doing something right. Any tips/tricks on thermal paste application/mounting nh-d14? I have reseated 5 or 6 times now and have lowered the temp but it's not nearly where it should be.
  7. I now got the replacement motherboard from asus and temps running good i now got it clocked at 4.4 and I'm running 38c full load. South bridge on this board is only running 39-40c. If you don't beleave these temps you should look you should look around the net. Mine has dual fans running at full vary good case air and ambit.temp 65f and im in pa not Alaska. Now of course you will not blast your fans but mine is on the display floor in a lexan tower 20 ft and a wall from here.
    Good paste is a must I use mx4 and you don't need much I put a line on center CPU and spread it with a razor blade vary vary thin it just there to take up the airspace .put heatsink down once don't pick it back off the CPU. once it is fastened down tite give it lite twisting back and forth don't force just little bit helps move paste a round and make sure it is not overheating of course but don't start your temp checking for at least a day the paste will settle in a bit more after a day and work better.
    Iv been doing this for 20 years and have my own store and review site witch I would love to tell ya, but that would not be fair to toms
  8. So what did you tell Asus in order to get them to send you a new board? Also, I have been looking around the net and cannot find anyone running oc'd at load at 40c.
  9. :hello:
    I have a biz account at the egg I just sent them back to them for rma they do cross shipping for me and I have them back in two days. ASUS is a joke to talk to they don't know there a-- from a hole in the ground (bunch of forniers typing your problem in to a computer and hoping they find your problem) I can tell u if you tell them that it is over clock they will tell u that's is your problem. There is a slite chance it could be the CPU but seeing as I and many other people have had problems with this board I would put it there. But I will give u one more thing to check I have a small strait edge to check the cooler base to make sure it is level I got it back in the copper cooler days you would get a unlevel cooler base here and there and it can cause big heat problems it would never hert to check that. As far as my temps I do have what they call a prim pick cpu iv had the best overclocks at vary low voltage with these CPU's but of course you pay more they are the best of the best that came off the line. intel sell these exclusively to this company and they test each one if they don't meat there standards they send them back to intel They are called the Redline 2500K Extreme and you can snag them off eBay. But even the other guy that posted here said his temps where close to mine he was using a different cooler buy in reviews they tested close regardless your temp should be in the 40's tops not the 50'. As far as ASUS I would just tell them that you tried everything and it will not stop overheating just don't tell them it is over clocked.
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