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Reccomendation for a 5850 or 5870

I'm looking to spend $300-$350, and have narrowed down my search to either a Radeon hd 5850 or a 5870. Of the plethora of models out there, does anyone have a recommendation?

My system that I am putting together will be:

i7-950 cpu
Asus P6X58D-E mobo, and a
Antec TruePower New TP-750 PSU.

I'm planning, fingers crossed, to pull the trigger and start buying components Friday evening or throughout the weekend.
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  1. Country?
    I would suggest a 6870 as it is only $240
    or the GTX 470 which is $250
  2. The 6870 (~$260) is out and is generally faster than a 5850 (~$230, priced all over the place).
    That being said the 5870 (~$320) IS FASTER then both of those, but not by THAT much. The newer 6000 series has better tessellation.

    That being said, they are all good performing cards and you should be happy with any of them.
  3. Thanks for the replies, guys. What I was looking for in particular is a particular model of, say, a 5870 people might recommend. For example, I'm looking at a wall of 5870's on Newegg, and trying to get a sense of how to narrow the list down.
  4. If you are looking for a 5870 there's a GREAT deal going on!
    A 5870 fro $270!
    Free Shipping too!
    How low can you go?
  5. I wouldn't invest in the 5xxx series with the 6xxx series already on the shelves. See this thread:

    And I'll echo plznote's recommendation.
  6. Well, if you've made up your mind and you're ruling out all cards that aren't 5850/5870, then there's no point in me posting, but for $310 you can get the Gigabyte 470 Super Overclock Series. It consumes less power,has 3 fans to keep it nice n cool( its quieter than you'd think) and comes with a nice 13% overclock. [:jaydeejohn:8] I like to think of it between the 5850/5870, but it can easily compete with the 5870, with one normally trailing the other by a small margin. Just puttin it out there.
  7. Thanks for the replies, guys. I noted those two cards simply because they are ATI (which I want to stick with), and seemed to be in the vague price range I figured I'd set for myself (around 3 bones, give or take whatever).

    Lemme read up on the new series you all have kindly mentioned.
  8. Hell, I'm sold (on the 6870). Anyone have a particular model to recommend?
  9. Noticed you didn't have any RAM yet,thought i'd look into the combo deals...

    $342 after MIR,Only compatable with i3 and i5 i just read,maybe it will work?
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    Unfortunately there are no HD6870s with aftermarket cooling yet so it mainly comes down to price and warranty as the cards are all essentially the same. This Gigabyte card would be my choice;
    If you can wait a bit the HD6950/70 should be out a week or two into December. The HD6950 will probably be right in your price range.
  11. Thanks for that link, purple. Turns out however that the memory there isn't listed in my qvl. But thankyou for effectively reminding me to think in those combo terms on newegg!

    Jyjjy, what do you mean by aftermarket cooling, re: the new 6870s?
  12. Would also agree to go with the 69xx sieres.But if you do wait for the 69xx, you should check the prices for the 59xx and 58xx when the 69xx comes out.
  13. amoebachiba said:
    Jyjjy, what do you mean by aftermarket cooling, re: the new 6870s?
    I mean that currently they all use the reference cooler. If you look at the cards they are all physically the same apart from decals and such.
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