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Howdy, I will be getting my parts either tues. or wed. this week, and am looking for any tips and tricks for putting it together, as this will be my first time all by myself just looking for some feedback. I have read the step by step guide from the forum here and it seems to cover everything, just looking for more imput...

also I am getting a 120gb vertex2 ssd for my OS, and a 1tb hdd for data, I put it together and leave the 1tb disconnected till I get the OS up and running? or hook it all up to begin with?

thanks in advance....
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  1. I would recommend putting the CPU/cooler and RAM on the motherboard, putting that in the case, and then sticking everything else in there.

    You can hook up the SSD and the HDD to the motherboard, but just make sure to choose the SSD as the OS installation directory (it will show sizes, and the difference b/w 120GB and 1000GB is pretty obvious).
  2. okey dokey, thanks...wasnt sure how it works in bios...been awhile since my last build...and had help in the setup on that, lol
  3. Just make sure initially that it boots to the optical drive, and then after you install the OS change the BIOS to boot from the SSD.

    Also, set the BIOS to use the ACHI controller if you want to use TRIM with the SSD (if it supports TRIM).
  4. off hand anyone know if a USB mouse and USB keyboard will work to adjust the BIOS settings? or will I need to get a PS/2 one...
  5. USB keyboards will work in BIOS; even some wireless keyboards with a USB receiver will work.
  6. 1. Download all your manuals while waiting for the big brown truck to arrive.
    2. Print them and read them cover to cover ....several times....use a highlighter to find points you'll need to come back to
    3. Download all the drivers on hardware component sites and burn to a CD.
    4. Yes, USB works
    5. Work on wood table and take off ya shoes so ya don't pick up static
    6. Don't screw things down like ya torquing a set of valve covers....use 2 fingers when tightening
  7. +1 to the post by JackNaylorPE above.

    Also, to be on the safe-side, use one of these when you're putting things together, and check out this very good guide:
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