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I recently picked up a 5870 on sale from Newegg. I installed the card and am not getting any image from it. The fan on the card also runs high.

I know I have enough power from my psu (1000 watts), and that the card has worked with more recent cards (Including a AMD 6850).

I am completely lost,

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  1. RMA the card, I am guessing that this isn't the only card that machine has used. Sometimes you are going to get a doa when it comes to hardware. If you have another machine to test them go ahead and try it. Shouldn't take no more than 2 or 3 minutes to do.
  2. same issue... they will replace it for free. I suggest you send it there with USPS or UPS, fed ex takes forever, and request either USPS or UPS back, unless you want to be out for 3 weeks.
  3. Just a lemon.
  4. Assuming your 6 and 8 pin power cables, and card are seated properly I'd agree with the statements above.

    Does the mobo beep at you when you boot?
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