Good Price on a GTX 470?

As the title says does anyone know of any gtx 470s for about 200 USD. If not now then maybe for black Friday event. I live in California so newegg charges me tax, what a bummer. Anyways I'm trying to get a gtx 470 around that price preferably lower, iv been looking for awhile and nothing so I was going to ask for some help.
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    That one comes close after 10% promo code and MIR, but you would still be stuck with sales tax.
  2. Ya i hate that about it, any other websites that offer decent deals with rebates and promo codes
  3. The cheapest at Fry's is the Galaxy GTX470 for $220 after rebate.

    I thnk you may have to wait until Black Friday to see if you can get down to that $200 level. You can check on Friday's when they update their weekly specials.
  4. frys would be the best because i live next to one and therefore if i get it and i choose to switch it for another one (in case it burns up) Im covered and i dont have to wait for a week to get it back
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