My Build with OS


what do you guys think of this build? Am I missing something? Or something is not compatible? Thanks!

I'll be using this pc for Programming class and Gaming.
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  1. oops forgot harddrive. now I'm out of my budget.... =/
  2. Can you list the two builds in a post here? You'll get more responses this way, as people won't have to click on other random links to see what you're talking about.
  3. Far too CPU heavy, even a phenom x4 is a bit excessive for a 5770. The case isn't cost efficent and has poor cable management (AND you picked out a non-modular PSU, you might need a bit of patience and a couple of cable ties to get things neat), which is something to keep in mind, although I believe that there is no harm in paying a little for something you think looks good. The 650w PSU is overkill for this build, a 500w would more then suffice.
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