Radeon 4650 will not work

Help! Bought a new radeon 4650 - did everything the guide said - removed my old GeForce4 MX4000, installed the 4650. After restart I got nothing - black screen. Absolutely nothing so I couldn't even view my BIOS settings in set-up. Removed the 4650, installed the MX4000 again and could view as normal. Reset the Primary adapter to onboard, removed the MX4000, rebooted - works normally. But no matter what I do, as soon as I install the 4650 again, I get nothing (even with Primary adapter selected to PCI or PCI-E). Someone help - please!!! I'm an avid Flight Sim user so I want this to work badly for 2004 & X.

Pavilion a1245c (Athlon 3700+ 2.19Ghz)
Win XP (SP3)
200GB hard drive
1GB mem

Also used an on-line lab to check system requirements - it says I'm good on everything for Flight Sim 2004 but need a new card for FSX.


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  1. Hey,
    Try to install drivers while using the onboard then shut down an put in your 4650.
  2. Did you plug the 4 pin power connector in?
  3. My old card is a 9600 GSO, on board power supply via 6-pin...i couldnt find anything to plug into this card...nor do i know where to plug in a 4-pin...onto the MB from the PSU? What should i be looking for? Im having the same issues
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