Phenom 965 problems

hi all,
i am following the post on from my nvidia gtx 460 post.

As you can see from the photos on the link above their is a graphics problem.

My specs

Phenom II 965 be
Asus m4a88t-m
asus gtx460 1gb
kingston 1333mhz 2x2 gb
corsair tx650
antec 902

i ahve removed my gtx 460 from the system and i still seem to have the problem with the onboard gpu.

As i have now tried 3 monitors, gtx460, on board hd 4250 and a 8800gts 640mb and the problem still exists i dont think it is a gpu problem or monitor.

This brings me to my cpu and motherboard.

since that post i have stripped my system and ran it on a bench with the basics. Cpu, mobo, memory, psu and i still have the problem.

I have tried my memory on their own in all four slots ( 8 variations ) and i have tried a different psu and the problem was still their. This leaves the mobo and cpu.

would the motherboard or cpu cause this problem and if so why, i ask as the supplier does not think that either of these parts are at fault as they can be, so i need to explain why i need these rma'ed.

any help will be great.

any other info needed just ask

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  1. Hi all,
    just a quick update as their is close to 100 views and not one post.

    I have founf the problem to be post processing. In games, if post processing is on min or med i get the problem but if it is set to max the problem goes away.

    the other problem with this is some games dont come with the option and the internet, desktop, videos or pictures dont have it too. has anyone got any idea what this problem could be.

    The tech support have looked at it and could not find any faults with the cpu or mobo.

  2. to me it looked like you have it set at 16 bit color instead of 32 or something going on with Anti-aliasing. I cant see the pictures you posted in theother thread that clearly since I'm at work on a crappy computer with crappy integrated graphics and a crappy monitor (a surefire combo for LOOSE lol)
  3. i think it is the motherboar problem
  4. If it is a motherboard problem, what would the problem be?

    I have had both the motherboard and cpu sent off for testing but both come back as non faulty. They keep telling me its the graphics but testing it on the onboard hd4250, 8800gts 640mb and a gtx460 and they all come back with the same problem. The 8800gts and the gtx460 have been tested in other computers and they are fine, nothing wrong with them.

    Now they tell me its the monitor, With this too i have tested it on a aoc, lg hd monitor, 19" lg monitor and my lg tv and it brings up the same problem.

    After this they could not tell me what it was apart from guess.

    So i striped the system down on to my bench ( mobo, cpu, psu and memory). This still had the same problem.

    i have tried other memory too and the problem did not go away, so that leave me with the mobo, cpu and psu. I am picking up a new psu to test today and i will update you with the outcome.

    Thanks for the help
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