Mysterious Buzzing Noise.. New Homebuilt PC

I have just built a system and when I power it up it seems as if something within the CPU or heatsink is rattling. I unplugged the heatsink's fan and it still made the noise. The computer posts and the specs are listed as below:

eMachines Case
500W PSU
Athlon II CPU (w/ default heatsink)
Biostar A780L3G mobo
ATi Oxygen GPU

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  1. To update:

    I have found the noise may not be coming from the CPU heatsink, but I am suspicious of the PSU, it is a Diablotek 500W. I did buy the power supply 'open-box' from Microcenter.
  2. So, it's not the CPU heatsink's fan? (Don't forget to plug it back in!)

    Two things to try: unplug your optical drive(s), and see if notice persists (they can sometimes make a hella-ton-a noise, doing who knows what); get something wooden (not metal, so you can't electrocute yourself) and stick it through the PSU's fan grill to stop the fan, to see if that stops the noise.
  3. P.S. Do you have any other fans (case fans, etc.)? You don't have a discrete video card plugged in, right?
  4. I have no fans in, 1 video card, 1 wireless card.
  5. The video card probably has a fan, so also carefully try stopping the video card fan (with something wooden or your finger) for a moment, and see if the noise stops, too.
  6. The video card has no fan only a small heatsink, its a very old card. From around 2004.
  7. So, have you tried doing the other things I've suggested?
  8. Yes, I'm still not sure what the problem could be.. If something is possibly shorting out would it make a buzzing noise?
  9. Hmm, yeah--is it your case speaker? You could try unplugging it from the motherboard and see if the noise stops. If this isn't it...
  10. Nope its not the speaker either... Its not the PSU fan, not the CPU heatsink fan, not the speaker, not anything in the PSU, and its not a drive either.. Very suspicious. I can live with the noise I'm just worried the PC is damaged.
  11. Installed Ubuntu today disregarding the noise and realized that the noise is eliminated once the ubuntu loading splash screen appears. Noisy BIOs chip??
  12. I have the exact same board and the same strange noise. Definitely coming from the motherboard somewhere. I haven't tried loading any OS yet though. So after you boot into your OS the noise goes away and doesn't come back? I read somewhere that some people get noises from the coils or capacitors on the board, but those noises come and go when the computer is running. For me if the noise goes away after the OS boots, then its no big deal, I can live with it.
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