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I have a 2 year old Evga 9800gtx. Recently, while playing a very old game (Diablo 2), the game crashed, and Windows 7 had a message pop up in my system tray telling me my Nvidia drivers had crashed. Then windows locks up, then blue screens.

When rebooting, during the POST when RAM is being counted, all of the text was garbled. When Windows booted, there were vertical yellow and blue lines running down my screen, and the Windows Aero effects were disabled. The software Evga provided to detect your gfx card temp will not run, as it says there is no applicable hardware recognized.

The card is not overclocked, I have an adequate PSU, and I have verified that it is the card, not the monitor. I pulled it out, removed a bit of dust, and put it back, securing all the connections. Still having the same display artifacts, although Windows is not crashing on me anymore.

I think the card is just dying, but I've never had this happen before so I am not sure. Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. I think I found out what happened. I've been leaving my window open at night lately, letting my room get down around 40f. Letting the card get so cold, then turning it on, and these things are known to be kinda hot. The expanding and contracting may have messed up the solder; I'm throwing this thing into the oven.
  2. Nice fix!
  3. Whoa? You what?! Wow. Im having a similar problem and considering doing this. What is the reasoning behind it?

    Also what temp did you set the oven to?
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