Brand new custom PC does nothing

i built my first PC and it wont do anything. Ive disassembled and re assembled it twice. All i get are
the power light and reset light on the mobo, no fans run, nothing else lights up, no beeps.

asus p6x58d premium, i7 950 stock cooler, corsair DDR3 1600 ram, rosewill 1000watt PSU, 150gb 10k raptor HDD
nvidia GTX 580
any ideas or ways to trouble shoot it i would appreciate it
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  1. Ooo, sorry to hear--sounds really frustrating. Try running through this, and let us know what happens:
  2. went through the check list, still no luck. ive tried every combination of power connector on the PSU, still nothing. this is pissin me off.
  3. Did you breadboard it?

    Also, what do you mean by trying different combinations of power connectors on the PSU?
  4. there are two connectors on the main 12v rail that fit, one is a 6+2 and the other is a 4+4. as far as i can tell these will only fit in the mobo power plug.

    not sure what breadboarding is, please clairify
  5. Well, your getting power at least from the few things turning on. Really check your screws connecting your mobo to your case. They can be very PAIN IN THE BUTT when it comes to grounding. A rule of thumb is that before you assemble your mobo and everything in your case assemble it outside the case on something like your static electric bag it came in or on some cardboard something not medal to see if it comes on before throwing it into the case. In other words hook up your memory, video card, cpu and hardrive outside the case and see what happens
  6. Really read through the troubleshooting guide that I originally linked to--it explains the what, why, how about breadboarding.

    Err, I think the 4+4 (plugs into the motherboard and) is for the CPU, the 6+2 is for a PCIe card (and normally plugs into the back of higher-end video cards). Be careful, you don't want to fry things, as those things may supply different voltages.
  7. i tried the breadboard thing, still nothing. i looked and its not a 6+2 its just 8 pins, as well as the 4+4.
    anywho still got nothing. i would have thought giving it power would at least get the cpu fan to spin up but it doesnt. the only thing that happens is the power and reset light on the mobo come on, they still dont function.
    this is really agrivating!

    i assume something is DOA but im not sure what
  8. Yeah, something must be DOA--motherboard is a likely bet since the CPU fan isn't even spinning up and you aren't getting any beeps (assuming that you have the CPU fan and case speaker power pin plugged in and that you have connected the power connectors correctly--double-check the motherboard and PSU manuals to make sure you have!).
  9. cpu fan is pluged in as well as the mini speaker for the mobo. guess a RMA is in my future.
  10. Alternatively, your PSU could be wonky--do you have a computer (or friend) that you can borrow a PSU from, to test it on yours?
  11. i was thinking the same thing. ill try that in the morning, otherwise im sending the mobo back. i appreciate the help!
  12. God speed dude.
  13. You need a 12+12 and the 4+4 plugged into the right spots.

    Here is your motherboard the power plugs are circled in red. The cpu one has a plug over 4 holes take it off.

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