New Case "Sys Fan Error"

I just bought a new case, an Antec 300 Illusion, and moved all my old components over to this case. When I boot up I get the message "System Fan has Failed. Press F2 to contine." I am also told to service the PC to prevent damage. All the fans are running.

My mobo is a foxconn h-rs880 aloe originally installed in an HP p6510y it had two fans hooked up to the mobo originally but with the new case I only needed to hook up the cpu fan onto the mobo. The rest of the fans are hooked up to the power supply. So I was wondering if the other fan originally installed into the mobo which is now unistalled is causing the error?

Mobo: H-rs880
CPU: Athlon x4 630 Propus
GPU: Radeon 6950
PSU: 600W GS600 Corsair
RAM: 2 x 2g
HDD: 750 GB
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  1. Yes. Look in the BIOS under "PC Health Status". Then check for fans. The conditions set in the BIOS for the fans are not being met. Either 1) plug in the fan to the motherboard fan header and change the BIOS fan control, or 2) delete the fan control in the BIOS and connect the fan directly to the PSU.
  2. There is no option for PC Health Status that I can find in the BIOS for my hp (now housed in an HAF 932). I have the same error message :/
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