5870 gives no display

I rma'd my 2 gtx 260s to XFX and got a 5870 in return (after 3 grueling weeks...)

I finally get the damn thing, pop it into my computer, and then i try to start the computer and nothing happens. The computer beeps, fans spool up, memory light flashes OK, but no display. I change which DVI port the cable was one, changed around a few of the power cables, and it manages to turn on. Except I get this really really bad flickering, even when loading the BIOS display menu. Then it freezes up over and over while trying to start windows (it won't let me into safe mode) after a lot of flickering. One time i am finally able to get into windows for about 5 mintues then it siezes up, screen goes black. I try again, screen just goes black, try again, I get into safe mode (yayyyy) I remove all the drivers using driver sweeper, thinking that will help the situation, it doesn't. Then I proceed to try to download the driver from windows to install it (windows doesnt recognize the device, it says it's just a vga device) I try to download it. BSOD. I try to boot. gets past bios display, windows is loading up (cant get into safe mode anymore) BSOD. Then I try again, black screen. Everything spools up, and black screen. I almost feel like im not getting power to the video card because everything is turning on and it's posting but I just get no display.

I try rearranging everything. Nothing but a black screen. Mouse doesn't flash on or anything. The only other situation I've ever had like this is when I forget to plug my video cards in after cleaning out my PC every 6 months or so. I'm pretty sure the video card is toast, but does anyone have any other ideas.

tomorrow I intend to chew some serious ass at xfx for this.
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  1. It sounds like you just have a bad card. Dude that sucks even after waiting 3 weeks! Did you connect it with 2 PCI-E 6-pin connectors?
  2. yep... every combination of the 4 connectors too. I initially thought I was supposed to use 8 pin. Im pretty sure my power supply didnt get fragged by a power surge because the surge protector is fine. though I lightbult burnt out on that same surge protector a few days ago so im hoping it's just a bad card.

    Hopefully they'll give me something for my trouble.
  3. If you have a warranty they should. I have heard that ATI is good with service too. :D Good luck
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