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I have my surfboard modem/router working now. my computer guy told me to set it up and I did. But he also told me to disable the wireless feature since I don't have a laptop. Does the hardward firewall work now that I have it set up and working? Do I have to disable the wireless feature? The last time he had set it up he encrypted it and set up the wireless. Why do I have to change anything? Don't ask me why but probably through moving several times somehow we put this modem/router aside. He saw that I still had it and recommended that I install it instead of the cable modem from charter. Thanks in advance. Scott
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  1. If the router is working as a router and not as a gateway then the hardware firewall is working fine. Just keep in mind it is a simple firewall mostly due to the NAT function the router performs.

    edit - If you are not sure the wireless has been setup securely then disable it. You'd be surprised how many wireless networks I encounter where the users haven't even changed the default password.
  2. So if he had set it wireless (we used to have a laptop) and he encrypted it at the time, is it secure?
  3. Just to note, no one has done anything to the router/modem since he set it up. In other words it was just disconnected and put aside. Does that mean everything he did with it to encrypt it etc is still set?
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