Can a Foxconn 611FX4MR-ES support a Barracuda 7200.9?


A little new here, thanks in advance for any help. I am switching a Seagate Barracuda 7200.9 into a new PC to use as a slave. The mobo is a Foxconn 611FX4MR-ES socket 939. Basically my question is, can this mobo support this HDD?

At this point when I try to boot with this HDD as a slave it will not even get through to BIOS. At first it would not even POST and i cleared CMOS - now it just sits there and will not even recognize the drive, nor anything else besides my CPU and RAM. But when I use another HDD (WD 80GB) as a slave, everything boots and runs fine. From this I can only conclude that the Barracuda is causing the problem. Is it simply too much for the Foxconn to handle?

PS i am not trying to use it for ATA133 capability.
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  1. Are you trying to use this drive as a boot device? Do you need to retain any data that is already on the barracuda? What is the capacity of the barracuda? What operating system are you trying to use?
  2. no, not a boot device, just a slave drive. I do have a lot of data on it that I need to retain though. The barracuda is a 500MB capacity. I am using XP pro.
  3. The term 'master' or 'slave' is really not used (or needed) with SATA drives. What I would do is look in the BIOS setup and see what the boot order is set to. make sure that you have it set to boot from the hadr drive, then also slect which hard drive to boot from. The other issue is that Prior to Service pack 2, WinXP didn't support drives larger than 128GB.
  4. i think you missed where I said I couldn't get to BIOS. I think this is an issue separate from that of the drive's OS compatibility. The info is nevertheless useful though, so thank you.
  5. You may have issues other than the hard drive. you should be able to get into BIOS whether the disk is attached or not.
  6. That's what I thought, but I can't think of what it is. I had disconnected the floppy and someone suggested that it might be hanging up there because I had defaulted CMOS back to the default settings. So i reconnected the floppy, and nothing. Anywho, any other suggestions are welcome.
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